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Good Food & Film

The boys and I rewarded ourselves with cleaning at home to get outside at the park today.  Ronan brought his camera and was a little photographer and I think this got Maddox a little jealous that he did not have his own camera to use.  Good thing he has a birthday coming up!  Tonight after the boys went to bed I decided to watch one of my all time favourite films with Audrey Hepburn called Roman Holiday.  If you have not seen this film yet, I recommend watching it tonight!

PALEO: Spicy stir fry with ginger beef, cayenne peppered shrimp, carrots, spinach and zucchini.

Indiana Jones Birthday Party

Today was the much awaited birthday party for my newly seven year old, Ronan.  He loves Indiana Jones. We went to a leisure centre for his birthday party and all the kids got to play in the  soft play area which had two stories.  Afterwards we had an english tea with a lot of canapes and treats.  At the parties in England you light the cake, but send pieces home instead with the guests. You also do not open presents until you get home.  The boys had a great time!
Ronan in his Indiana Jones costume.  Apparently we were the first party to show up in costumes at this venue.

Time for food and treats! 
Ronan and his classmate and friend Chinmay with their party hats. 
Maddox with his classmates Felix and William.
The Reception age boys decided to make horns out of the party hats. 
Ronan’s birthday cake was a DS player. 
Ryan with party horns. 

Ronan is 7 years old!

 Happy Birthday Ronan!

Today my oldest turn seven years old! I cannot believe that so much time has gone by since I gave birth to my birthday boy.  We have moved so many times in those seven years.  He is becoming a really sweet young man and I look forward to seeing him grow up in the next seven years to come.  After school I went to the party shop to get balloons and a present for Ronan.  We got him a Doctor Who chess set for his gift.  We had pizza for his birthday dinner.

I stopped off at the party store to get a surprise for Ronan after school. 
I got Ronan a beanie bear attached to seven balloons with footballs on it
and a globe balloon for his Indiana Jones adventure bedroom.  
Ronan enjoying his Birthday dinner.

My 29th Birthday

Today was my 29th birthday.  I spent part of it at work doing one of the things I love: Hair. I had a new client today and seeing her happy reaction and smile after her highlights and hair cut was a great gift to me.  It is why I love working with people, to make people smile.  I honestly think people should try to make those around them smile more, for it makes life a more beautiful place in which to live.  After work I used today’s tips to buy myself a burger and chips from the Fish & Chip (or ‘Chippie) shop near the salon.  I am not a huge red meat eater, but today I had a real craving for a good burger.  I ate at the train station while waiting for my train back home.  Ryan picked up the boys from school and met me at the house.  Everyone was so cold from the temperatures outside.  The four of us cuddled up together on our bed, which we have put strategically near our fireplace heater, and took a little nap.  There is nothing like cuddling up with the ones you love to make you thankful for having them in your life.  Even though we did not celebrate Thanksgiving this year, a holiday first, we were still aware about the blessings we have in our lives.  I was still a bit cold tonight and I do not think I am acclimating quite quickly to the colder temperatures.  I snuck away for some ‘me’ time and had a long hot shower with a lady bug that was climbing the shower curtain.  Would that count as good luck?  For dinner we had left over soup that I made a few days ago (refer to the blog) and oven roasted bake potatoes. Since it was my birthday I was given the biggest one and it really filled me up.  So much so I had to share my dessert.  Ryan made homemade scones with with currants and stuck my candles on top of two of them. To be fair, they were the 3-0 candles I used for his birthday last week, but he had cut out a 2 and a 9 and taped them over the candles to reuse them.  It made me laugh when I saw it and nothing wrong with a little laughter in our lives.  The boys and I continued our Christmas decoration making tonight with decorating Nutcrackers.  Ronan had made me a really sweet card while I was napping and gave it to me and it was really sweet.  Then it was time for books and the boys to go to bed.  It was a simple and humble way to spend a birthday, but having my boys with me was all I needed.  Theres always time to go out and party with friends and drinks and to ‘live it up’ later.  Perhaps it will happen next year for when I turn the big 3 – 0.  Until then I have 364 days left of my 20’s and on to making a list of goals to complete until next November 24th.  From my Ohana to yours, I hope you had a wonderful and thankful day with the ones you love. 
Birthday Dinner with my two boys. 
Ronan decorating his Nutcracker. 
Maddox’s finished decoration. Mummy got to colour it with him.  
Ronan with his finished nutcracker. 
Ronan made me a special wrapper with a drawing for my Birthday card. 

The Front of my Birthday card. 

The inside of my card. 

The back of my card. 

My 29 Birthday scones and a cup of tea. Happy Birthday me. 

30th with Cake and Cupcakes!

Ryan Turns 30!

Today my partner turned the big 3-0!  I had to work today but Ryan stopped by at the end of my shift at the salon.  I surprised him by decorating one of the stations with ’30’ Balloons, a birthday card and a yummy raspberry cupcake. Afterwards I gave him a hair cut for his birthday.  He has been growing his hair out since he got out of the military in April and minus a few trims, its just been staying in a long style. We chose a longer on top, shorter on the sides and back style so he can wear it curly and straight.  Afterwards I picked up the boys from school and headed back to celebrate with Ryan.  The boys got Ronan a special pint class for his lager of choice and I got him the journal based on the Idiot Abroad series he likes so much.  Tonight in honour of his birthday we had our first Indian take away since moving to England.  Indian take away is to England what mexican restaurants are to San Diego, California.  Our supper was yummy and very spicy…just the way I love it. Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely chocolate pudding cake, which melted in our mouths after coming out of the oven.  The boys helped me before bedtime to get the fairy cakes ready for tomorrow.  They are having a special day in honour of the Children in Need foundation to raise money for the charity.  I decorated them with yellow bear heads that I hope slightly if at all resemble Pudsey, the bear mascot. 
Ryan before his hair cut.
Ryan After his hair cut
Ryan with his birthday cake
Happy 30th Ryan!

Ronan shaking our fairy cake mix.
Ronan and Maddox choosing pok a dot cups for the fairy cakes. 
Finished fairy cakes for the Children in Need foundation.