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A Look Back at Our 2013

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved

It is the last day of 2013 and time to take a look back over the year.
I have prepared some highlight posts through out the last twelve months
as well as a slideshow of photographs through out.

January | We had just moved to Bath, England and into our new house during the week of Christmas.  January was busy with getting all unpacked and getting the kids set up with schools.  Our new area is walking distance to the town of Bath as well as to the countryside.  We initiated our move with the first of many country walks in 2013.

February | This became my first month of blogging every day which became a fun challenge I enjoyed up through to December. I started sharing posts about life as an expat, our travels, and photography.

March | I found like I was finally finding my niche in the Expat and Travel Blog community and my voice for what to share on the subjects.  THese are some of my most favourite posts from the month.

April | As a Third Culture Kid who only found out about the term during her sophomore year at Uni, I really wanted to have a TCK blog presence to reach out to others. This month I wrote about being TCK issues with having to move on and the friendships you leave behind.

May | I participated in a blog every day in May challenge which I found both refreshing and fun as a daily blogger.  While the whole month was filled with prompts I really wanted to share some of the most favourites from May.

June | This month I got really honest and truthful in sharing myself and experiences as an expat.  It was a really refreshing month to be able to just talk to my readers and connect with people I had never met. I had so many correspondence this month with people who felt uplifted and no longer alone. This solidified my reason for blogging.

July | July was a busy month as we were preparing for our vacation to Wales.  There were lot of self portraits and travel stories shared but the following posts were some of the most popular.

August | This month my husband and I renewed our vows on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. To celebrate I had many guest bloggers sharing with posts for Love Week. These were wonderfully written and my favourites to share. I also enjoyed these posts:

September | This was another blog every day month challenge with prompts which helped get my posts out there about not using Shampoo and when I spent time in an Italian Jail. The weekends I focused on a new series entitled the War on Girls.

October | I continued my War on Girls series on the weekends which became quite popular and did a lot of reflection and looking back as a TCK and as an expat.

November | November is a busy month for us with two birthdays, Bonfire Night, and Thanksgiving.  There was a lot going on at ACR and here are some of the posts to prove it.

December | With the Holidays the blogging every day slowed down as I focused on my family. There were still some top highlights to end out the year.



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My Blog’s Archive Faves from 2005 – 2013

Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

This was my original header I created in 2006 for my blog design when it was called ‘Mummy Paparazzi .  I have always clung to my ties to having been born in England and the Union Jack has always been prominent in the design.  It was not until 2012 I started thinking about changing the blog title and changing the theme from a mummy blog to a Travel, TCK and Expat Lifestyle Blog.  

I have not yet made a Archival of popular or favourite posts so completing today’s prompt took me a little longer than I had expected.  I put some of the most popular posts in categories below.  Since I have only really joined the community of bloggers as of 2013 there are many posts since 2005 (back when the blog was called Mummy Paparazzi) that do not show up in popular searches.  My very first post Waiting in the Wings was written fifteen days before I gave birth to my first son.  I love to look back through old posts and find things from which I had forgotten. For example Get Cheese-y Wit it is about the pet mice we had in Hawaii. The older posts are photo heavy as it was more about sharing recent snaps of our life with my parents. Then with the loss of my dad and dealing with a shaky marriage, blogging again fell to the sidelines.  I have never kept up the blog when things in my personal life were not as great as the photos I was sharing. It took moving to Europe in 2011 to start our Expat life that my blog started coming back to life every week with a new post. Bon Fire Night was my first post on November 5th, 2011 since my blog was resuscitated back to life. I love that post because I got to share a favourite childhood memory in the present with my husband and sons in our new life in England. Christmas in London and Leaves in London may be my favourite posts from 2011.  In 2012, I started sharing a lot more of my fashion photography and guest posts on Manifold Magazine (A Night out in London). However I think my favourite posts are New Years with our self portrait holiday photos, Doctor Who Experience, Snow Day, PopArt SuperHero Party, Saturday Picnic, and Halloween. All the posts below come from the most popular and favourite posts of 2013.  As this is the first organized look of posts through out the time of  A Compass Rose (and Mummy Paparazzi), I hope you will have fun checking out the links and exploring the blog.  It has evolved since its creation eight years ago and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store. 
A Personal Look:
Travel Posts:
TCK & Expat Posts:

I am a TCK & an Expat
My Expat Life
Moving Abroad
A Few Favourite (Expat) Bloggers
Saying Goodbye to Friends Pt. I
Saying Goodbye to Friends Pt. II

Ugly Tourists Make Me Uncomfortable

Q: Do you have a favourite post from my blog that I have not mentioned?  I will be making a better archival page for ‘new readers’ soon and would love any feedback or advice! x


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